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Text to diagram

The ultimate diagramming tool.

Generate diagrams and charts from simple text‑based descriptions.


Live collaboration

Create diagrams together in real time. Configure the document permissions to allow others to view or edit diagrams, make them publicly accessible to anyone or make them private.

Share & Embed

Share your diagrams with others by simply sending them a link or embed them anywhere on the web. The images you share or embed are automatically updated when ever you update your diagram definition. Snapshots of diagrams can also be downloaded directly as PNG, JPEG, SVG or WEBP.


Text2Diagram uses mermaid syntax to define diagrams. Mermaid syntax is a language that is quick to learn and supports various types of diagrams with many options for customisation.


Text2Diagram is and will always be free

(with premium plans coming soon)


Guillermo Rauch - CEO at vercel 🙏

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